Having been interested in business for most of my life, I have been quick to want to learn finance. With a great interest in technology, my first investment was the day I turned 18 in 2017. My first entry was a Bitcoin purchase around $3,800 and I HODL'd through the rise up to $20,000. I didn't lock in profit and watched the bubble eventually burst, realizing that there is way more to it than what I was doing. Since then, I have researched various cryptocurrencies, stocks, and other investment strategies. Currently I am only day trading stocks. Find out what I'm up to and whether I made a green or a red day!

*All opinions stated are my own, and I should not be viewed as a financial adviser of any kind, I just enjoy learning about it as a hobby.


Today I made +2.92%. Definitely not my best day trading, though far from my worst. Every green day is something to be proud of. You may be wondering, but Josh, how much did you actually make today just by trading stocks? My response would be, “close to 3%.” The dollar amount of money that I […]

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